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What to do in the Wait...

Choosing to Tarry & Letting the Lord Carry

As I read my one year Bible this morning I asked the Lord for a word of encouragement, revelation or even correction regarding an area of my life that needs His help…an area that Markel and I have been praying for quite some time. You see, I have been wrestling with a specific prayer, a plea really, and yet it seems like everything remains at a stand still…the wrestle for me personally is what to do in the wait... Well, when I came across Psalm 27:14, I had a sense that this is where the Lord was calling me to camp for the morning, but if I am being honest, it wasn’t really what I was I hoping to hear... It’s a command to wait. In fact it tells the reader to wait two times!

WAIT on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: WAIT, I say, on the LORD.


The root word of WAIT means to twist and stretch => which leads to a bit of tension & enduring during the wait.

As it is used in this verse, WAIT means to patiently gather & tarry together as we look eagerly towards the thing/person for which we are waiting; BE OF GOOD COURAGE This phrase means to grow strong, courageous and confident by fortifying and fastening upon Whom we place our hope. HE SHALL STRENGTHEN THINE HEART The gist of this phrase is that the Lord shall then strengthen and fortify the seat of courage within us (our hearts) As I pondered my personal trial in light of the defined intent behind this verse, I had a visual of Markel and I tarrying together as we eagerly wait for the salvation, direction and provision of God - and that as we do, our faith becomes collectively fortified as we fasten it to our Living Hope Who promises to save us for the sake of His name. …regardless of • however • whenever • & in whatever fashion our Provider tangibly appears

As we choose to patiently stand still when things are at a standstill, we allow our Father to strengthen the seat of courage within us until the day arrives when we too can proclaim like Isaiah did the in Isaiah 25:9: On that day, it will be said, ‘Behold, THIS is OUR GOD; we have WAITed for Him that He might save us. THIS is the Lord for whom we WAITed and trusted. Let us be glad and rejoice in His salvation!’

As I closed out my time with the Lord, I also read Isaiah 8:17 only to find two more commands to WAIT:

I will WAIT for the Lord, Who is hiding his face from the descendants of Jacob, I will WAIT for Him.

Did you catch that all three verses reference the word “WAIT ” two times each?!

Ok, last definition…WAIT as it is used in the last verse means to tarry and wait through piercing or adhering to… That initially sounded awful to me, but then suddenly I had a visual of adhering my hopes and prayers to the cross as I await the almighty and perfect-timing of the salvation of God.

I mean there are times in life, times of trial when this is all we can “do”: affix the difficulties we face to the cross, choosing to tarry as we allow our Savior to carry. He becomes our burden bearer as we simply wait in His Peace and His Presence until He informs our approach regarding next steps.

Once we are on the other side of a trial, it is easy to see how they are good as they keep us humble and on our knees before The Only One Who saves! The One who strengthens our heart! The One who powerfully carries as we restfully tarry! Yes, the One who sometimes hides his face and intent until the perfect time that He sees fit... For the most part, isn’t a lot of our time this side of heaven spent waiting? The wrestle we face is what do we do in the WAIT ? We can wrestle with the what ifs and how’s and whys, or we can choose to be of good courage, letting the Lord strengthen our hearts as we choose to trust Him and his perfect timing.

Father God, we trust You! We don’t know what to do but our eyes are fixed on You! When we only see in part, when everything is at a standstill, we will choose to stand still therefore and not be shaken by what we face or even by the lack of what we face. You are the only One worthy of our trust and today we affix our burdens to the cross and choose to tarry together at your feet, praising you for your faithfulness as we allow You to stretch our faith as we wait for, wait on and wait upon your deliverance and salvation!

Tangible Tool - Worship While We Wait

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