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Are You Allowing Seed to Fall on Your Soil?

Feelings are not facts & I’m grateful for that.

This morning, I awakened early, but remained in bed for an hour & a half after the alarm because I was so tired. The 90 minutes were filled with a cycle of falling into brief dreams & then awakening with a guilty start. When I finally made my way down the hallway to turn on the coffee, I’ll be honest, it was a rare moment when I just didn’t feel like reading God’s Word.

The Lord has me on a one year journey, daily reading His Word & sharing any revelation that surfaces, The practice of reading & sharing with my family is common, but for some reason, today I felt weary & super unmotivated.

As I opened my One Year Bible, I was reminded that God’s Word always has a ready Word for whatever season we’re in…& it’s the only Source of steadfast Truth that supplants feelings & anything else that tries to become a rudder in our day.

As I began reading Luke 8, I chuckled at my good God because He knew what I needed to hear. Jesus is teaching & warns, “pay attention to HOW you hear.”😬

He’s just finished telling the parable about a farmer sowing seeds on different types of soil. The seed is God’s Word, & the soil represents our heart’s ability to receive.

There is much clamoring for our time & attention every day & yet it’s imperative that we pay attention to HOW we hear.


Because, Jesus reminds us,

“To those who listen to my teaching, even more understanding will be given. But for those who are not listening, even what they think they have will be taken away.”

As the passage closes, Jesus is told that his family is looking for Him, but He responds by saying, “My mother & brothers are those who hear Gods Word & obey it!”

Y’all, we can’t obey if we don’t hear AND we can’t create a 100-fold crop if we don’t allow Seed to fall on the soil of our hearts! Pride goes before a fall & if we think we can do life without The Word, “even what we think we have will be taken away.”

Father, help us be careful how we hear. There is nothing more sweet & satisfying than the manna of Your Word. You’ve given us ears to hear, so guard them from feelings & help us to create space to allow Your Seed to fall on the soil of our hearts!


LUKE 8:4-21

PSALM 69:19-36


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