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Are You Guarding The King’s Gate?

Have you ever met someone & felt like you’ve known them long before that first conversation?

That was the case last night as my husband & I shared a table with another couple at a rehearsal dinner. We wondered if we’d be the only ones attending who weren’t officially family, but there we sat by our new friends learning how our lives were already connected through our sons🤗

At one point in the conversation, they asked a question & before I knew it, I ended up sharing the majority of my messy story😳 We all shed tears over the faithful pursuit of God through it all.

Even though none of us were biological family, we were intimately connected on a much higher plane, by the blood of our King Who died for us! 💞

That conversation about my return from captivity surfaced in my thoughts as I read Chronicles today.

The exiled Israelites begin THEIR long-awaited return from captivity. The Levites, among the first to arrive, start rebuilding The Temple of God It was in severe disrepair, & of the many responsibilities to fill, there’s one that caught my eye👉🏽the gatekeepers.

Some are assigned as musicians to worship before God day & night, some are to care for The Temple, while others are called to guard the gates.

Verse 20, however, tells us of a very specific one - the King’s Gate.

This gate is exclusively reserved for the king. Although they had no king upon return from captivity, the gatekeeper stood position at the closed gate, guarding the way for the next King of the Jews to come!

I can’t fathom the gratitude that filled their hearts as they served in the safety of their Rescuer God.

The history around the Temple is fascinating, but it takes a quick turn to application & accountability when we remember that our very bodies are now the temple of the Holy Spirit!

Whether you‘re far away in land of captivity or you've made your way back, I want to remind you that we DO have a reigning King who gave His life for our freedom!

Father, thank you for Your saving grace! Remind us to care for Your Temple like the Levites did, living a life of continual worship & guarding the King’s Gate allowing exclusive entrance for our Messiah Whose blood saves for eternity!

1 CHRONICLES 9:1-10:14

ACTS 27:21-44

PSALM 8:1-9

PROVERBS 18:23-24

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