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Becoming Bold as Lions

The other day I saw a video clip of what looked like a smallish lion being led into a football field .It had me fooled for a minute. He was the right color, had the big mane, but his fat, dog tail gave it away. It was a golden-colored dog with a fake mane placed on its head so he could act as the mascot of “The Lions”.

It was cute & kinda funny, but it made me think about the enemy. He’s such a stinkin’ coward...such a pretender. He PRETENDS to be a lion who prowls about looking for whom he can devour, but at the very mention of Jesus’s name, he flees like a scaredy-cat who saw a cucumber! (👈🏽Google that- it’s pretty funny too!)

Proverbs 28:1 says that the wicked flee when no one is chasing them, but that the godly are as bold as lions! Jesus is our great Defender when the enemy attacks and all we need do is call on His name! He’s our Living Water when we’re thirsty, our Bread when we’re hungry, our Rock when things feel shaky & overall Jehovah Jireh when we need anything!

Lions seem to be devoid of fear & undaunted by difficulties. They have a saunter that says, “It is well” & yet they are courageous & resolute when it comes to attacking their enemy! Lions even sleep in wide open spaces, unafraid of what surrounds them. 

When we follow Jesus as Lord & walk with a clear conscience, we can  boldly face whatever comes our way because of Who we are following! 

When we go our own way, however, we become like the first part of the proverb and flee even when nothing is pursuing us! Sin makes men cowards, but the ❤️ of a righteous man is as the ❤️ of a lion! We need fear nothing or no one but God alone. 

Father, help us to become undaunted by difficulties & devoid of all fear. As we choose to follow the Lion of Judah, may we remember our bloodline! We are not skiddish-little-scaredy-cats. We can be bold as lions regardless of what kind of fake-lions with big, fat dog tails stand before us!

Thank You that we can lie down in peace & rest knowing Your Name is enough to keep us safe! Holy Spirit, help us to enter our day with bold courage & a heart set resolute to follow You! Give us a lion-like saunter that boldly proclaims, “It is well!”

💡EZEKIEL 35:1-36:38

💡JAMES 1:1-18

💡PSALM 116:1-19

💡PROVERBS 27:23-27

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