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Defining, “The Good Life”

When my youngest was little, we’d make funny hand motions & accents to help him memorize verses. Whenever I hear Genesis 1:31, I picture him saying it with a deep southern drawl, “God saw all that He’d made , and it wuz goooooood!” He’d make a little fist and jabbed it across his body when he said the long, drawn out, “good”😂

This morning, when I read about, “The Good Life” in Psalm 84, these questions  popped:

“How do you define, “The Good Life”?

What’s “good” mean to you?

If you could waive a magic wand, what would you change to make things “good”?

It’s a worthy exercise because if we claim that Jesus is Lord, we honestly need change nothing but increase our trust in Him😬

The writer of the passage tells us how he longs to be near God-he writes that anyone who sets their mind on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, will find their strength in Him!

When we recall that we’re all on pilgrimage to the New Jerusalem, even a valley of weeping can become good.

The passage closes with a great visual: 

“I’d rather be a gatekeeper in God’s house than live the good life in the homes of the wicked.”

Again what’s “good” & how do we live the good life?

Luke 17 tells us of Jesus’s pilgrimage to Jerusalem. His mind is set on passionate fire for us! The very word passion means to suffer. His passion was to make way to the place where he’d be beaten, crucified & killed for no sin of his own, but the entire world! That’s the good life for Him!

(For what or Whom are WE willing to suffer?)

He said, “If you cling to your life, you will lose it, but if you let your life go, you’ll save it!”

Y’all, “good “ means to have moral qualities BEST adapted to its design & use.

When God created us, it was “good”! Are we living the good life that He intended when He designed us? We can only do that through His power & Presence!

Where does your heart call home when things are hard? When we remind our mind, will & emotions that we are simply travelers passing through, our spiritual, relational & emotional home is with Him regardless of the valleys we face!

God saw all that He’d made & it IS good! Placing faith in the Father & letting His Son become Lord will always lead to The Good Life!

JOSHUA 11:1-12:24

LUKE 17:11-37

PSALM 84:1-12



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