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Feelings are Fleeting | The Father is Not

Feelings are fleeting. The Father is not. Fear is an invitation to flee from the Father, but He draws near calling things that are not, as though they were.

That’s the Truth that surfaced as I read about Gideon, the mighty hero who conquers Midianite bullies-but he wasn’t always courageous.

Judges 6, finds Gideon hiding in a small sunken vat in the ground trying to thresh some wheat so his enemies wouldn’t steal it. I wonder if he feels a little ridiculous when the angel of the Lord suddenly appears, calling him, “Mighty hero”?

If I were Gideon, I’m not sure I would’ve listened to the rest of his sentence because my thoughts would’ve been filled with replies like, “Riiiight, this “valiant warrior” is hiding in a hole trying to get some wheat to eat.”

But the angel calls Gideon as he IS, not as he FEELS. God calls Gideon valiant, and then MAKES him so. 

Gideon cowers in fear, understandably so, because his people are in a severe drought for their refusal to listen.

So valiant Gideon is hiding in a hole, when the angel appears, emphatically assuring him, “the Lord is with you!”

It probably doesn’t FEEL like the Lord is with him. He certainly doesn’t FEEL mighty as he hides from his enemies, but the Lord sees fit to appear to Gideon & call things that are not, as though they were.

He calls on this mighty hero to be just that…the rescuer of Israel. What I love about this story is Gideon’s tentative following because it reminds me of God’s patience with us.

We might not feel courageous, we might need to ask lots of questions & we might take tiny steps of obedience so our feelings have a chance to follow our spirit - & that’s ok! This man who feels under equipped for his calling, slowly begins to refuse fear’s invitation to flee.

Unholy fear is replaced with reverent fear that reminds him of Whom he serves!The Lord of Peace! As Gideon begins to trust God, fear fades, allowing the courage & fortitude of a valiant hero to rise!

Y’all, fear is an invitation to flee the Father’s Presence. Don’t accept it. Draw near to Him, letting Him remind you of who you are & Whose you are. God will call you by name & then equip you to become far more than what you feel!

JUDGES 6:1-40

LUKE 22:54-23:12

PSALM 95:1-96:13


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