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God’s Faithfulness Never Short Circuits

We recently had a light switch that suddenly seemed faulty. It controlled the light in my bedroom closet & every time we turned it on, it’d cause the circuit breaker switch to flip causing an entire portion of the house to lose power.

I’m certainly not an electrician, but what I did know is that the electrical circuit was being interrupted somewhere. It took us a bit, but we finally realized that the lightbulb was the source of the problem.

I’m a super visual learner, so that memory surfaced as I read a small verse that carries B-I-G impact in Psalm 89.

The Psalmist reminds us of the power, strength & glory of God, & then right in the middle of praise, he asks a question:

Where is there anyone as mighty as you, O Lord?

He answers himself with four simple words:

You are entirely faithful.

Wow, I thought, I know some people that I’d characterize as “faithful” but I know of none who are ENTIRELY faithful!

The etymology of that phrase means to be completely surrounded by faith, like an electrical circuit that cannot be broken.

His faithfulness a never short circuits. His power to light up a situation is always available, it’s the recipient of the power that’s the problem.

I’m not sure how it happened, but when we finally went to replace the lightbulb, we discovered that it was partially unscrewed so it was not completely connected to the source of power!

When the Israelites finally settled into the promised land, Joshua 22 affirms that not a single one of ALL the good promises God gave to Israel was left unfulfilled; everything He’d spoken came true!

We serve an omnipotent God Who is the very Source of everything we need-provision, protection, redemption, salvation & even reconciliation. He has the power to make things happen & the all-encompassing faithfulness TO make them happen! We just need remain fully plugged into the Source!

Father, forgive us for our wandering ways. We let the cares of this life cause us to wander from Your Presence & then we wonder why You seem so far away. Surround us today like an electrical circuit with Your Presence. You know our needs even before we utter a word. Thank you that You’re the ever-faithful Source of all things!

JOSHUA 21:1-22:20

LUKE 20:1-26

PSALM 89:1-13

PROVERBS 13:15-16


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