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Holy Spirit | God IN Us

Many years ago, our pastor from MN preached on a topic that was quite convicting. He ended his message with this:

“So bummer for you, the ignorant bubble you’ve been living under has now been popped so you have a choice to make: will you walk in the wisdom & Truth the Holy Spirit just revealed or will you return to what was once ignorance but is now an outright lie?”🤕Ouch!

Y’all this is true for any area of our lives. One of the bubbles that was popped for me with regard to health is sugar. I like sugar - a lot! My mom gave me homemade molasses cookies for my birthday & I think I ate six of them in one day 🤢

I knew what it would do to my gut,  the effects it could have on my skin & scalp, & that it has adverse effects on my immune system, but I disregarded truth to indulge in the lie that it was “worth it”. 🙄

Yesterday our pastor spoke about living a life directed by the power of the Holy Spirit. He said something that rang in my thoughts well into the morning:

Jesus is Emmanuel, God WITH us.

The Holy Spirit resides within - He’s God IN us!

Jesus left His royal throne to become a lowly human so that He might live a sinless life & conquer death, ensuring a ticket to eternity for anyone who’d follow. But here’s the thing, when we accept Jesus as Savior, our citizenship changes from hell to heaven, but our feet remain planted on this earth.

Jesus made a Way but He left us here while He prepares a place for us in heaven! He still has work to do, but left SO THAT the Holy Spirit might come to guide us into ALL Truth!

Paul writes about this in Galatians 5 & summarizes the whole shebang with this:

Those who belong to Jesus have nailed the passions & desires of their sinful nature to the cross & crucified them there Since we are living BY the Spirit, let us follow the Spirit’s leading IN EVERY part of our lives.

...even the sugary decision parts🥴

Holy Spirit, reveal any desires that we have yet to nail to the cross. Guide us beyond our flesh into a life of Truth. We want to become set apart emissaries fully equipped to carry out the assignment Jesus left us - to reveal Himself as the Source of all Truth to a watching world through our relinquished lives!

September 20th One Year Bible Readings

💡ISAIAH 33:10-36:22

💡GALATIANS 5:13-26

💡PSALM 64:1-10



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