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Manna is Meant to Meet Your Needs (Not Your Wants)

Have you ever complained about provision? Like you had everything you NEEDED, but it wasn’t exactly what you WANTED so you suddenly slipped into a land of complaint?

I did…literally two days ago😳 We were on the long drive back from South Dakota & were super tired. I researched hotels outside near us & they were all around $200, so we kept driving. We finally found one that seemed reasonable, yet the moment we arrived, crabby complaints fell from my lips. “It smells funny, it’s so cold, I need more blankets…” Markel had enough & finally said, “How about we be thankful that we are not in the frigid air outside & have a warm place to sleep?!” Yikes! If I were a puppy, my tail would’ve been between my legs.

God promised to lead the Israelites to a PROMISE Land, not just a land where they’d no longer be slaves, but a land FILLED with milk & honey! And yet, time & again, amidst provision, they slipped to complaining & even longing to return to slavery!

Because they didn’t trust the Lord to lead them to victory, they were forced to wander for forty years in the wilderness. God continues to provide for all their needs, but THEY continue to complain about their daily manna, “There is nothing to eat here & nothing to drink. And we hate this horrible manna!” Another version says, “…and our soul loathes this worthless food.”😬

I can’t say that my soul loathed the hotel room, but the heartstance was the same. I felt a very strong dislike for the provision before me.

The word, “manna” literally translates to, “whatness”. We may not know WHAT this provision is or even AGREE with the way it meets our needs, but honestly it doesn’t matter. We don’t need to know what it is as long as it does the J-O-B of meeting our very real needs.

Father forgive us for the times we become like the fickle Israelites who complained about the manna You provide. Current circumstances may not meet OUR expectations, but we trust Your provision to meet our very real needs, even if it looks different than what we expected or wanted. We lay all expectations at Your feet with no expectation of return. Thank You for Divinely created manna that’s meant to meet needs in ways only You can provide!

March 14th One Year Bible Readings NUMBERS 21:1-22:20 LUKE 1:26-56 PSALM 57:1-11 PROVERBS 11:9-11

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