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"No" is the Fence that Protects our Previous "Yes"

I woke up with a belly ache today. I think the cause is two-fold. Last night, we hosted dinner for a new friend Isaiah met when he was in LA. His new buddy was in town for college orientation along with his father so Zay gathered some of his friends to host a welcome dinner.

Afterwards, they decided to go to Jeni’s ice cream so us old folks followed 🤗 As we stood in line I battled my own flesh...I knew how awful I’d feel after I ate the deliciousness & yet, as the sweet smell of waffle cones enveloped me, I suddenly found myself ordering a cup of vanilla bean yum😋 It’s not that I can’t have sweets, I just know the effects of dairy on my belly...and I’m feeling it this am. ☹️

As I awakened, a phrase from a friend surfaced: “No is the fence that protects what we’ve already said yes to.”

I’ve said yes to caring for my body as a temple unto the Lord. It is the vehicle through which I minister unto others so if I feed it faulty fuel, it falters and then my ability to minister falters. In this verse, David commissions his son to build a temple unto the Lord:

👉🏽Now my son, may the Lord be with you & give you success as you follow His directions... 👉🏽May He give you wisdom & understanding for you will be successful if you obey... 👉🏽Be strong; do not lose heart!”

Ok, you’re probably wondering the 2nd reason for the belly ache 👉🏽 I felt burdened to pray for my sons. I am oh-so aware how it is hard to keep a boundary with a “no” when it seems like everyone around you is saying “yes”.

I prayed that my sons would be like Solomon, strong & courageous in their commissioning; that as they make way for the King’s residence, they would boldly say “no” so that they may honor their “yes” to Jesus’s Lordship.

Praying that we might all be reminded that the Lord’s temple is no longer a physical structure. He’s chosen to take up residence IN us! 🤗 As we follow His directions to “ build our temple”, may our “no’s” become a fence that protects the “yes” of His Lordship!


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