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Nothing About The Lord is Exhausting

Yesterday, a young gal going through the rigors of applying to nursing school shared something profound:

“The one thing I’m learning is that nothing about the Lord is exhausting. I need only do my best & trust Him with the rest.”

This question immediately surfaced: if Jesus is Lord over every area of my life, would exhaustion be a thing?

Jesus speaks about lordship in Mt. 7, warning that not everyone who calls Him, “Lord, Lord” will enter the Kingdom of Heaven-that only those who do the will of HIS Father will enter.

There’s SO much in that one verse!

1)If I SAY Jesus is Lord, but my life doesn’t reflect His Lordship, I will not enter the gates of heaven. The good works in my life are not a key to heaven, but a result of His Lordship!

2)If He IS Lord, He promises an easy burden & a light yoke. Life this side of heaven WILL have hardship, but if He is Lord, we need not be exhausted about anything because He’s got it!

The word “Lord” means he to whom a person belongs, about which he has the power to decide.

Abraham intimately knew true lordship.

The Lord tests him by telling him to sacrifice his only son. Abraham doesn’t hesitate. The very next morning he gathers what he needs & begins the journey.

I cant fathom the fear I would’ve had rushing through my veins if I were him, but the verses tell nothing of it…when his son asks where the sheep is for the burnt offering, his father confidently replies, “God will provide.”

Right at the moment when his son is tied to the altar, the Lord calls, “Abraham, Abraham!”

Abraham replies, “Yes, here I am!”

The exclamation marks are not mine. The Lord speaks with exhortation & Abraham replies with exclamation!

God says, “Do not lay a hand on the boy!” Because Abraham withheld not even his son from the Lord, the Lord provided a ram to take his place.

Letting Jesus be Lord grants Him the power to decide over every aspect of our lives. Each time we call Him, “Lord”, we proclaim His ownership rights over us!

Father reveal any places hidden from Your Lordship. There is no exhaustion with You at the helm. Worries fall, anxiety is obliterated & Peace that surpasses all imagination encompasses our lives when we let You be Lord!

Genesis 20:1-22:24

Matthew 7:15-29

Psalm 9:1-12

Proverbs 2:16-22


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