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Sometimes Bringing Your Friend Before Jesus Requires Sacrifice

What are you willing to do to bring someone before Jesus?

👆🏽That’s what bubbled as I read about the throngs of onlookers who follow Jesus wherever He went. When He’s at the home of Simon Peter, the ENTIRE town gathered at the doorway to watch Him heal the sick & cast out demons!

A few days later, a similar scene unfolds. The home is so packed full of visitors that nobody can even enter!

There is a group of guys, however, who are determined to bring their friend before Jesus👉🏽so much so that they dig a hole in the roof & lower the paralyzed man right before Jesus!

I always wonder about the homeowner & if they were upset about the damage?

Moments later He tells the man to stand up, pick up his mat & walk. And not only did he get up, it says he JUMPED!

Can’t you see it?! This man who may never have walked a day in his life can now jump! And he wouldn’t have come face to face with The Healer had it not been for the fortitude & faith of his friends!

Y’all we ALL know people who are paralyzed in some form or fashion - stuck in insecurity, held by depression, or maybe just trembling in circumstantial fear? Well, we also KNOW The One who can free them from the enemy’s paralyzing lies!

The question is this:

Are we willing to do whatever it takes to bring them before The One who can command them to walk & cause them to jump for joy?

Oh Father, we are born for such a time as this! We don’t want to be onlookers that simply stand in the doorway watching what You do! We ARE Your Tent of Presence! We ARE mobile Kingdom Carriers who bring the aroma of heaven on earth!

Sometimes bringing people close to You requires sacrifice! It cost those homeowners a roof! It cost the 4 friends some sweat & the risk of looking foolish!

Let us remember Who we follow & do WHATEVER it takes to bring people before our King!

Offense is the perfect opportunity to introduce Jesus as the Author of forgiveness! Unknown outcomes are the perfect time to introduce Jesus as The Way & shaky times are a GREaT time to bring them before The Rock Who never shakes!

Jesus, make us aware of the paralyzing needs around us so we may introduce many to the only One Who can meet them!

LEVITICUS 1:1-3:17

MARK 1:29-2:12

PSALM 35:17-28

PROVERBS 9:13-18

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