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The Next Time You Face Fear, Remind Darkness Who Your Daddy Is!

I’m sitting in the lobby of a hotel as I write today. My dad gave Markel & me the gift of attending a marriage conference as our Christmas gift this year🤗 As much as I would’ve loved to stay in South Dakota with him as he recovers from a stroke, I knew he’d be oh-so-pleased that we made this a priority.

There are moments in life where the battle before us feels fierce & yet the best way we can fight is to fix our gaze on Truth. I’ve written many times before, but it bears repeating that Truth is not relative, it’s held in the Deity of Jesus Christ! In fact, it’s one of His names!

As I left my dad’s room, I felt sad inside. Leaving, for me, was an act of faith that I’d get to see him again 🤗. He’s actually recovering quite well & yet as we made the 17-hour trek home, I had stray thoughts that wondered if I was making a mistake.

The thing about fixing our gaze on Truth is that all darkness, anxiety & fear MUST flee in the face of Truth! Gods Word tells us that the light of Truth literally extinguishes darkness! 

David writes of a time he returns victorious from battle, proclaiming how God raises a banner for all who fear Him, a rallying point in the face of attack. Another version says that He’s given us a banner that it, “may be displayed BECAUSE of truth.”

Sometimes when the cares of this life become weighty, it can be difficult to find our way out of the chaos & confusion. Kinda like being in the heat of battle…I’m a visual learner, so I see a battle scene with horses rearing, swords clanging, dust rising, blood, sweat & tears streaming down the warriors’ skin…

Its in those moments that our Father raises a banner of Truth over us, reminding us that in & through Him we are victorious! When we lift our gaze to fear Him more than the giants before us, His Truth dispels ALL darkness!

“Truth” in this verse means to balance & be evenly weighted with certainty. I’m so grateful that God’s unswerving Truth is not relative or subject to the things we face! When we focus on the Father, His banner over us steadies our feet with the certainty of His love!

The next time we face fear, let’s remind darkness Who our Daddy is! According to His Word, it MUST flee!

NUMBERS 26:1-51

LUKE 2:36-52

PSALM 60:1-12



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