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Truth & Freedom | You Can’t Have One without the Other

Last night I told stories of my past with 2 of my sons, sharing how I graduated with a degree in psychology & counseling.

Fresh out of college, I spent a brief time working in a locked hospital unit with patients suffering from the effects of Schizophrenia & multiple personality disorders. I remember leaving each day desiring so much more on their behalf.

I think I wanted to help others find the healing I so desperately needed. I’d personally been through much counseling, recalling past trauma, processing hurt & seeking the why behind it.

I talked about factual truth of the events & how they affected my mind & emotions, but it was devoid of capital T Truth.

Just this morning I read an important reminder about the connection  between Truth & freedom…you cannot have one without the other.

Unless you couple factual truth with the Personhood of Truth, you will always be left wanting for more.

It wasn’t until the tidbits of my history were revealed through the counsel of the Holy Spirit, that I finally experienced lasting healing. I couldn’t experience full healing without the Healer!

We are comprised of soul, body & spirit. We can only receive full & complete healing, when we address the whole person. We can eat healthy & workout a ton, but unless we address our mind, will & emotions, allowing our spirit to be counseled by the Holy Spirit, the healing we feel will only be physical in nature.

There’s great need for counselors who counsel the whole person, leading people to freedom by intersecting factual truth with The Way, The Truth & The Life!

When we intimately KNOW Truth, allowing His Light to reveal the broken places, healing happens & we can freely offer  forgiveness to self & others! When we allow Him Lorship over the secret places, we can receive what He freely gives to all who follow Him-a holy healing that’s inexplicable & eternal.

Jesus, You came into the world to testify to Truth. You ARE Truth revealing truth! All who love truth recognize that what You say is true. Thank You for the many counselors that help the hurting find healing, & praise You, Holy Spirit, that You counsel us to the Personhood of Truth!, Whose very words heal.💞

1 SAMUEL 18:5-19:24

JOHN 8:31-59

PSALM 112:1-10

PROVERBS 15:12-14


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