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Where is the Kingdom of God? Where the Will of the King is Done.

Do you take joy in doing God’s will?

That’s the question that surfaced when I read Psalm 40:8 today. David declares that joy follows when he follows God’s will.

I know this to be true, but sometimes when following His lead means hard decisions, or seemingly restricted choices, doing His will doesn’t always feel awesome.

I recently heard a speaker ask, “Where is the Kingdom of God?”

Before I tell you his answer, I want to tell you where the Kingdom of God is not…

Get around some prideful people….& I guarantee it will be hard to see God’s Presence.

Want to know why?

Because when you are full of yourself, you can’t be full of God!  You can’t be full of yourself and full of God at the very same time!

But if you want to know where He’s at…If you want to see, feel, hear & experience His Presence, get around some people who know they are nothing without Him!

Those are some zinger socks to the gut, right?😳

When we think we know better or see clearer than what the Holy Spirit’s whispers, pride scooches onto the seat in our hearts that’s reserved for our King.

The bottomline is this:

The Kingdom of God is where the will of the King is done.

That’s the speaker’s answer & it’s worth reading a few times.

Y’all, true contentment, peace & joy come when we value the will of the King SO much,  that we boldly declare, “THY will be done, even if it means mine be undone!”

Father, have Your Way with us today. If there is an action we need to take or some words we need to speak or maybe even something we need to stop, we say, “Thy will be done!”

We declare our trust in Your perfect Way & fully surrender our lives so the will of the King may be done!

JOB 16:1-19:29


PSALM 40:1-10



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