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Beware the barrenness

of a busy life.

~ Socrates


     Simply stated,

          the vision of  S I F T is to restore intention.


In this day and age of super-speed everything, it is very difficult to slow down long enough to be intentional in our lives. 


Helping others restore intention within their lives is my personal passion.  It is the why behind the what of S I F T .


Whether it is by offering organizational support or virtual assistant solutions for the home, office, time or mind, it is my desire that S I F T would become a platform to help others isolate that which is essential so that intentionality may be restored.

The word, "Intention", literally means, "a state of being strained." 

Whether restoring the intentionality of a physical space or restoring intention through ideation and written communication, we will systematically work side by side in order to discuss your desired aim. 


In essence, I ask many questions that work much like a strainer, allowing the unessentials to fall away and the essentials  (the intention)  to remain.

INTENTION:  A state of being strained

You might find it interesting that the word, "Intention", literally means, "a state of being strained." 


The thought of being placed in a colander and sloshed around until the unnecessary and even harmful falls away does not sound very appealing until you remember  the purpose of a strainer  -  to let the unessential fall away so that the essential might remain - restoring intention . . .

The analogy of a strainer just might help explain the vision behind S I F T . . .

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