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Sometimes Pain is the Necessary Ingredient for Change

The other day, my son Tommas sent me a song that I’ve had on repeat. A phrase popped out as I listened each time, sometimes “necessary pain is the ingredient for change.”

Pain is never fun in the moment, but if it can be wielded for growth & change, then it was well worth the momentary sting.

When my boys were little, “training them up in the way they should go”was hard. Opportunities for correction  seemed endless so it took an extra dose of Holy Spirit patience to discipline with love.

One day as I journaled about the hard of consistently training their little hearts, I felt the Lord whisper,

“Thank me for these blessed inconveniences to align their hearts with Mine.Train their willful hearts to discover the joy of following Mine now as the consequences of defiance only grow greater as they grow.”

👆🏽That little revelation became fuel to train with diligence so that they would be guarded from greater discipline later in life due to an undisciplined heart.

Psalm 76:10 speaks to this idea of the blessed inconvenience of a stubborn heart. It says that human defiance only enhances God’s glory for He uses it as a weapon.

The NIV version calls it “God’s wrath of mankind” & proclaims that it will either result in praise or restraint.

The sin that bubbled out of my little guys became blessed inconveniences to train them up in wisdom - if I followed the Lords lead, correction & discipline in love could be wielded as a weapon against enemy operation.

God is the blessed controller over ALL things

- over the passions of people

- over kings & princes

- over storms & earthquakes

He can make all things lead like streams to His will for His glory.

Any sort of wrath that is manifest among us can be employed by God to result in the praises of His remnant people.

We will all face many blessed inconveniences in our lives due to unfaithdul friends, unjust leaders, circumstances out of our control & sin in our own hearts.

The question lies herein: Will we allow our Father’s permission of momentary pain to become an ingredient for change? Will the hard result in praise of The One Who bore our sins & saved us from death, or will God have to restrain our undisciplined hearts? 

💡JEREMIAH 2:31-4:18


💡PSALM 76:1-12

💡PROVERBS 24:21-22


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