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Office Organization and Executive Support

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Home Organization


I cannot thank sift enough!  In one day I gained freedom in so many areas. Sift helped me to design systems in our new house. This went a long way to help my house feel like a home.  My house has never looked better, but more importantly, I now have systems to maintain the organization that sift helped me to achieve. Sift provided professional service that walked me through the process. I did not feel overwhelmed at any point and now we have a plan for organization in our  playroom, kitchen, office supplies, laundry room and garage.  I recommend sift without reservation to anyone looking to simplify and organize their life. Every bit of clutter removed has helped me to focus on what it is truly important to me. Thank you sift!

~Elizabeth L.

New Home Owner





Kimberly was an excellent partner in helping me launch my business. She takes the time to ask all the right questions and helped me better articulate who I desire to be in the marketplace. Her ability to take my thoughts and create my website and other business tools allowed me to focus my efforts elsewhere and trust her expertise. I’m glad to have her as a key business partner of the Xperience group!
Keeping Your Customers Close,

~Chris Schultheis

the Xperience group




Kimberly came into my office and it was immediately apparent she has a gift for structure and organization.  She worked with me on time management and helped me restructure my entire office filing system.  Kimberly has a very simple no-nonsense approach to filing and time management.  I found it extremely beneficial as it has helped me significantly improve my overall efficiency and productivity!

~Jim Gillelspie

Systematic, Intentional Strategic Planning

m i n d

t i m e

Time Management Follow-Through Planning



Kimberly has an amazing ability to see through the trees. She came into our business ,and in a brief time, was able to help us re-organize our branding, efficiently organize our facility and assist with the development of our vision and mission statements. Thanks again!

~Curt Bohling

Masterpiece Events, LLC



What I have come to depend on from Kimberly Oden as executive support, is her ability to see the big picture as I do, but then start small and handle details that I do not have the time nor passion to address. The level of detail and understanding Kimberly brought to life in my small business was huge! From the development of my customer surveys, feedback forms, and powerpoint branded presentation slides, to her ongoing help in overseeing my candidate tracking matrix, brand consistency and website management, she has allowed me the time to focus on what I do best! Knowing I have a trusted partner watching the back-end of my business brings tremendous peace of mind for me.  I would highly recommend Kimberly Oden.

~Efonda Sproles

E-tegrity Scouting & Casting Services

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