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Whether addressing organizational or virtual assistant support solutions within the home, office, time or mind, S I F T clients often say, "I desire intention or order, but I just don't know where to begin with this project..."  The aim of S I F T is to restore intention by strategically helping others create systematic simplicity in their lives by offering organizational and virtual assistant support solutions.


You might be thinking, "Ok, that is a lot. . . What exactly does that  mean for me?"


Well, I believe the analogy of a strainer just might help with clarity . . .

The word, "Intention", literally means, "a state of being strained." 

INTENTION:  A state of being strained

You might find it interesting that the word, "Intention", literally means, "a state of being strained." 


The thought of being placed in a colander and sloshed around until the unnecessary and even harmful falls away does not sound very appealing until you remember  the purpose of a strainer  -  to let the unessential fall away so that the essential might remain - restoring intention . . .

Whether restoring the intentionality of a physical space or restoring intention through ideation and written communication, we will systematically work side by side in order to discuss your desired aim. 


In essence, I ask many questions that work much like a strainer, allowing the unessentials to fall away and the essentials  (the intention)  to remain.

4-Step Process:

ift through the Variables I like to begin with the end in mind.  Asking many questions during the initial consultation will help you S I F T through all of your ideas and articulate your "wins" when our project is complete.

solate the Essentials Together, we  then analyze the gathered information and begin to isolate what we determine is  essential in order to complete the project successfully.

ocus on the Isolated Essentials  Once we have isolated the essentials, we will focus on organization and planning, determining not only how the essentials will affect the outcome, but more importantly, how to create a strategic plan that incorporates them in such a way that accomplishes your goals with intentionality.

ransform the Isolated Essentials into a Finished Product Lastly, we strategically transform the isolated essentials into an intentional finished product that will yield Simplicity, Intentionality, Freedom, and Tranquility.  S I F T - see our core values page).  It is my personal desire to help you begin a journey of simplicity that begins to result in intentionality.





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