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A Calling Requires A Caller

I had a convo with my mom the other day about how our prayer life is not so much of going into a closet and praying, but how it’s a constant conversation with God, calling on His name throughout the day...there are days, however, where the siren’s call of circumstances allure me to a place where I forget my Lord who calls me His...

I awakened with this thought today:

“A Calling Requires a Caller.”

I’ve been chewing on it all morning & was stunned by the number of times the word “call” appears in the One Year Bible reading today.

“Call” comes from a root word that means to utter an invitation by name in a loud voice. In the Old Testament reading, we hear how King Jehoshaphat was deeply committed to the ways of the Lord & yet years later, he was “enticed” by King Ahab to enter a war not authorized by the Lord.

The visual I had of Jehoshaphat was that of a sailor with eyes set like flint for a destination to which he’s called, who’s suddenly lured into the rocky shore by the siren’s call.

He knew enough to inquire of the Lord, but even after hearing a warning, he followed Ahab’s faulty call to war. In the middle of battle, it says that Jehoshaphat CALLED out to the Lord & the Lord saved him.

I wish I wasn’t limited to just 2200 characters...y’all, we are ALL called by God, invited by name, to call upon Him. Rm 10:13 says when we do, we will be saved! He says that those who were not His people, He will now CALL His people.

There are stormy days that feel like they are filled with darkness; days that act like the sailor’s siren, yanking our sights to the rocky shores. But we serve a God Who calls us like a beacon in the night! He is the only God who calls us by His name, “Children of the Living God.”

There will be many things in life calling for our attention, but may we ever remember there is only One Caller worth following Jesus! He promises to save us simply by proclaiming His name, we just need keep our eyes flint-like focused on Him alone.

July 26th One Year Bible Readings 2 Chronicles 17:1-18:34 Romans 9:25-10:13 Psalm 20:1-9 Proverbs 20:2-3

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