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A-Side Vision in a B-Side World

“B-Side Vision”👈🏽That’s the phrase I awakened to this morning. It was like someone said it so loud that it awakened me from my slumber. I sat up with a start & looked around the empty room. I was so confused because “B-side” usually refers to music records so what did vision have to do with it?

It led me on a deep dive into the history of 45s. (For you youngins’, singles were released on a vinyl record called a 45 because it turned on the record player 45 x’s per minute 😉) Singers would record a top hit & then producers would send the record to radio stations with the hopes that the DJ would play it enough for the song to become a hit!

In the 1950’s they created a flip side, or a B-Side,  to the record. The A-side was the featured song while the B-side was a secondary song. What’s fascinating, however, is that on rare occasions, both sides of the single would become hits such as Queen’s “We Are The Champions” & “We Will Rock You”!

I know that’s a whole lotta record history but here’s the thing...the producer produced both sides of the record but it was up to the listeners to make them a hit.

Sometimes I think that God is writing an orchestral masterpiece through our lives that rings of his glory in heaven. We are on the flip side, however, listening to the B track & sometimes it doesn’t sound awesome.

Psalm 73 talks about this B-Side kinda vision...he writes that he’s almost lost his footing as he envied the proud & the “fat cats who scoff him & have everything they’d wish for”.  He’s momentarily seeing circumstances from the B-side & it isn’t until he returns to God’s sanctuary in verse 17 that his vision becomes aligned with God’s.

It’s in the Lord’s presence that He sees with an A-side kinda vision & chooses to hear God’s A-side kinda Truth over the wimpy lies the enemy whispers.

God has incredible plans for our lives here on earth as in heaven! We are the receivers of His great production & have a choice to see B-side things with our earthly eyes, or enter the A-side with our Heavenly Father & begin to see what He sees!

He is a trustworthy producer & our lives can become top hits here & in heaven when we choose A-side vision in a B-side world!

💡ISAIAH 62:6-65:25


💡PSALM 73:1-28

💡PROVERBS 24:13-14


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