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A Weak Christian | One Who Settles for a Sippy Cup of Milk

When I was little, my dad cleaned our dog while I stood by & watched. My mom came out a little later, asking what I had in my mouth.

I said, “A button.”

She asked me to open my mouth, & to her horror, she saw a big, fat, green wood-tick my dad had pulled off the dog 🤮

I don’t remember the event, I just know it as family folklore. I can’t imagine that I knew it was a bug because I was so little & yet it paints such a perfect picture of the discernment lacking in little children. Unlike adults, they’ll put just about anything in their mouths because they cannot distinguish if it’s nutritious or harmful.

Paul writes about this in Hebrews 5 where he declares that anyone who lives only on milk is like an inexperienced infant. Solid food, however, is for the mature, who through constant use, have developed discernment to know the difference between good & evil.

Just yesterday I heard a mama tell how her baby wasn’t sleeping through the night. When she introduced solid foods, however, it was like an instant remedy because the little babe slept the entire following night!

The baby didn’t know she needed solid food, but it was what she needed to help gain proper rest & grow!

Like a baby, there are times when we don’t know what we don’t know when it comes to following Jesus. We can profess that we are Christians, but unless we make His will & Way a priority, we will remain just like that little baby still nursing on milk alone. We’ll lack rest & growth in discernment that come when we ingest the meat of the Word of God & grow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

We can also make the mistake like I did when I was little & lacked knowledge. When we are unskilled in experiencing the power of God’s Word, we might accidentally ingest harmful things because we lack the ability to distinguish between helpful & harmful!

Father, we need the meat of your Word that leads us to follow Your Way! We don’t want to remain as infants in the faith, but grow mighty muscles that help us become valiant warriors, fully equipped to create cultural impact around us. Show us areas where we are still sipping milk & give us the gumption to grow by ingesting Your Word & growing in Your Way!

💡EZEKIEL 7:1-9:11

💡HEBREWS 5:1-14

💡PSALM 105:1-15



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