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Academics Doesn’t Equal Education, nor is Knowledge Synonymous with Wisdom

I’ve been working with my friend on the idea of a new model in education. Last night we met with a room full of eager parents who know the weighty responsibility of educating their children. As I sat in the back moving the slide deck along, I felt excitement from head to toe seeing this next generation of parents who understand the difference between education & academics. They know that their children’s education is FAR more than reading, writing & arithmetic.

The word “educate” comes from the Latin root “educo” which means to lead. Academics are a STRATEGY of education. If we only focus on pouring in knowledge, however, we miss out on leading the whole child - the relational, emotional, physical & spiritual facets that also need training.

In the same way that education & academics are not synonymous, neither are wisdom & knowledge. You can have a boatload of knowledge without any wisdom, but I dare say it’d be difficult to be wise without knowledge.

This morning I read something Jesus said that I’ve never noticed:

“Every teacher of religious law who becomes a disciple in the kingdom of heaven is like a homeowner who brings from his store room new gems of truth as well as old.”

The word He uses for gem comes from the same root that we use for thesaurus.It refers to, “a storehouse of synonyms” or “treasures of Truth.”

Y’all, as disciples in the Kingdom of Heaven, we are called to be life-long learners who seek to understand the old laws & new Truths that fulfill them!

We cannot become receptacles of the treasures of Truth if we simply seek knowledge. We can KNOW lots of stuff without knowing the right application or use OF that knowledge, which by definition = wisdom!

Father, guard us from gaining knowledge for the sake of being smart. We seek to become a storehouse of Your synonymous Truths! Any “truth” that opposes your word is not Truth, but simply a cultural norm or personal opinion.

Help us make time to sit & soak in Scripture.Every time we open your Word is like entering a storehouse of precious gems! Let us not mistake academics for education or knowledge for wisdom. Disciple us with Your Truth so we may become disciples of many!

GENESIS 42:18-43:34

MATTHEW 13:47-14:12

PSALM 18:16-36



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