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All Access Pass | Court with the King

It is my 2nd son, Tommas’s 25th birthday today. His handsome face, modest stature & ruddy complexion have always been a youthful visual of King David for me.

As I’ve been pondering him this morning, the phrase, “All Access Pass” keeps running through my mind.

When I began to read the account of King David preparing the way for his son, Solomon, to build the Temple, it made me think of parenting as a whole.

David gathered the tools and goods needed to build a place for the Lord to reside and then he charged his son with the massive task by saying,

“Be strong and courageous, & do the work. Don’t be afraid for the Lord, my God, is with you. He will not fail nor forsake you...”

As my son turns 1/4 of a century today, that is my exhortation for him as well! I love that David uses the pronoun, “MY God”! I want all of my sons to know MY God and remember that they always have an All Access Pass to His Presence!

At that moment in history, a temple was needed to offer sacrifices for sins...this was required due to one man, Adam sin entered the world for all people of all time through him. God in His perfection could not & cannot even view sin, so the sacrifice was necessary to be made right. In essence, the blood of the lamb was shed instead of theirs.

But now!!! NOW we have an All Access Pass to the very Presence of God through this other man, Jesus Christ! His sinLESS life, death & resurrection made way for us to have court with the King of all kings and the Lord of all lords!

His temple can now be within us and no sacrifice is needed but to simply receive His free gift of salvation!

This work of “building the temple”, making a proper place for my King, feels like an ongoing process of dying to my desires so His might rise and reign! But the process is easy and good when we remember that we have an all access pass given by The One who gave His life for ours!

As we walk through various obstacles that may arise today, may we remember that we always have access to Emmanuel...court with the King is only a prayer and a praise away!


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