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Anything We Fear More than the Father Will Likely Become a Cesspool of Stress

Anything we fear more than the Father will likely become a cesspool of stress.That thought socked me in the gut first thing this morning as I read Proverbs 14:27. The verse that promises life and protection if we fear the Lord. In fact, it says that fear of the Lord IS a life-giving fountain.

The visual that pops is a chocolate fountain - I think they look better than they taste😂 But that kind of ooey, gooey, non-stop, sweet goodness of life is sure to be ours when we choose to fear Him more than anything else we face.

And yet, for some reason, I can tend to sit, soak and begin to sour in a cesspool of stress, forgetting about the life that follows when we fear & follow Him first!

The word for fountain means a wellspring. It is it’s own source, whereas a cesspool is a covered hole for receiving runoff water or sewage🤢

Quite the visual, right?

When we are walking through a scary season, it can be easy to sit in cesspool life. Fearful things can make it hard to remember to turn to Jesus as our Source of Peace, life, strength & even joy! He IS our wellspring of Living Water Who will always refresh us even if circumstances do not change. His Word is always a ready-word that is relevant to whatever we are facing!

To fear Him means to revere Him exceedingly more than the sewage that seems to surround us, knowing that He is the only One Who can do something about it.

Father, we thank you for the fearful things that unfold on the daily as they serve to turn our gaze to our Source of life. Thank You that fearing You first protects us from the snares of death that come from fear-driven decisions.

Help us to make time with the fountain of life in our life! Your will and Your way can be discovered in Your Word! Speak to the scary places through the assurance of Your Word. You are the Source of any resource we will ever need! Holy Spirit, guard us from cesspool life & lead us in reverential fear to the Fountain of Life-giving Water!

RUTH 2:1-4:22

JOHN 4:43-54

PSALM 105:16-36

PROVERBS 14:26-27


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