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Are You Willing to Become an Ass for the Lord? He Has Need of Kingdom Carriers!

When was the last time you wept? Like not a silent cry, but an all-out deep groaning of grief that cannot be contained? That’s what I asked myself as I read Luke 19 today.

Luke writes of Jesus’s triumphal entry on “Palm Sunday” into Jerusalem, the City of Peace. Before he reaches the gates, Jesus sees Jerusalem ahead & begins to weep. His is not a silent cry, but one of great grief…so great that the word used for “weep” means expressing uncontrollable, audible grief.

What would cause such a strong reaction? Why did the mere sight of the City of David move our Savior to tears?

The Son of David weeps because the city of peace does not recognize the very personhood of Peace, the descendant of David who came to seek & save the lost.

He cries, “Oh, how I wish today that your people would understand the way to peace.”

He uses two of His own names in His cry…

• The Way

• Peace

The Way to eternal life & the very Source of Peace is among them, but they do not recognize Him.

All of this emotion unfolded as Jesus rides an unsuspecting donkey, fulfilling the prophecy of the coming Messiah.

The donkey isn’t His. Jesus sends his disciples to find a colt, untie it & bring it to Him to ride upon. He tells His men, “if anyone asks why you are taking it, just say, “The Lord has need of him.” (KJV)

Y’all, the Lord has need of US! Are we willing to let ourselves be untied from our will & our ways so that we might carry the Good News of our Messiah?

He weeps for our friends & family who do not know The Way to eternal Peace! Will we willingly become carriers of the Kingdom of God? The eternal peace of anyone we encounter depends on it!

Will we carry His Presence above OUR will, on top of our emotions, as supersedent over our thoughts? 

When we truly understand the Divine burden we bear, the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, all other work pales in comparison. All other secondary purposes are kept in their proper place.

The Lord has need of you!

The Lord has need of me!

Will we carry The One Who weeps with uncontainable, audible grief for the lost souls who know not Peace?

There’s no greater weight than I’d like to bear…how about you?

JOSHUA 19:1-20:9

LUKE 19:28-48

PSALM 88:1-18

PROVERBS 13:12-14


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