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Be Careful How You Quench Your Thirst

My son once made a comment that I didn’t understand. He said, “So thirsty!”

I was like, “What does that even mean?”

He laughed & explained that it means someone who thirsts for compliments or approval. I thought about it long & finally concluded this:

God created us ALL to be thirsty!

The physical composition of a healthy body is over 55% water so He created us to thirst when dehydrated. The problem surfaces when we to try to meet that need with anything but the pure water it craves.

All week long, I’ve had a mini Coke Zero in my lunch bag. It’s my once in a blue moon guilty pleasure. Each day I pulled it out of my lunch bag, looked at longingly & then shoved it back, gabbing my water instead.

Why? Because I can’t UNknow what I KNOW! Even though it’s zero calories & has only 9 ingredients, 4 of them are very harmful to the body. Drinking that zero soda doesn’t = zero impact!

The book of Amos tells how the people turned from God to fulfill their thirst with counterfeit gods. Because they wouldn’t listen, the lush lands of the shepherds would dry up & the grass would wither & die.

Proverbs tells us that sometimes words alone will not be enough to discipline a servant, for when words are not heeded, action is needed.

God created us all to thirst in the physical, but I wonder if it’s also a daily reminder of our need for Living Water? It’s so easy to satisfy our thirsty hearts with anything but our intimate Source, Jesus!

We thirst for:

-security so we work hard to make more $

-approval so we buy the extra fancy thing

-pleasure so we make the poor choice

The thirstiness list could go on for ages, but the thing we need ask is how are we quenching our thirst?

If it is by anything or anyone than The One Who can satisfy us for eternity, we’ll always be left thirsting for more AND our fake source just might have unhealthy ingredients that will lead to our spiritual, emotional or relational demise!

Father, You caused the lush pastures to dry up so Your people would remember their need OF You! Help us to walk in wisdom SO THAT You need not dry up our pasturelands=> the blessings of life that can fallibly quench our God-given thirst that’s meant for You alone!

💡Amos 1:1-3:15

💡Revelation 2:1-17

💡Psalm 129:1-8

💡Proverbs 29:19-20


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