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Be Careful Little Ears...

If you walked into my garage right now, you’d hear worship music playing on an old school boom plays 24/7. 🎶

As a fam, this is the main entry & exit point of our home. Even before I knew the science & biblical why behind it, I had a sense that it would bless our home and bless us in our coming and going.

King David knew the power of worship through music 👉🏽 so much so that He followed Gods lead and charged the tribe of Levi with the ministerial warfare of music in three stages:

1) He organized an orchestra & choir

2) He established Levites to play music unto the “lovely name” of the Lord 24/7 for protection of the Ark (God’s presence at that time period)

3) the music of the Levites would also pave the way for battle!

I know that’s a lot but it is oh so important that we understand the impact of music and that it has a purpose far beyond pleasure!

My current favorite worship music right now is by @maverickcitymusic 👉🏽Every single song seems to be anointed for this very time in history!

Like prayer, turning on quality worship music ALWAYS impacts my mood and perspective! It helps turn my eyes and tune my ears from the frequency of the petty things before me to the frequency of heaven, celebrating “the lovely name of the Lord” 🤗

Ps if you are a researcher like me & don’t mind rabbit holes, look up the impact of Music Frequency. The standard tuning fork changed from 432 Hz to 440 Hz in 1953 worldwide.

👉🏽432 is said to have a natural vibration that is mathematically consistent w our universe (research the Fibonacci sequence).

👉🏽whereas 440 apparently attacks the frontal lobe, interfering w problem solving and filtering

Bottom line is most music is now 440 - another fascinating fact is that Rockefeller’s funded the initial research and push to change the tuning fork to 440 🤔 Intersting to think that if one could control the music, they could control the masses 😬

😂...told you I enjoy rabbit holes

Ps again... If we look at David’s example, we see that music protected the Lord’s Presence and served to go before in battle. What would our lives look like if we treated music like the spiritual weapon that it is? I think this world might turn upside down! 👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽


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