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Be Free of Illusion

I awakened from a quick nap yesterday & lazily opened social media only to find myself scrolling through nonsense a good 30 minutes later 😳

Two years ago I kept getting a sense that it was time to remove counterfeit consecration from my life in order to prepare for what’s ahead.

Consecration simply means to set apart as holy & sacred.

I wish I could say that I immediately followed the lead of the Holy Spirit & removed the various distractions, but it’s been somewhat of a dance of stepping forward with firm boundaries (food, wine, Netflix, social media, etc.) & then slipping back into old habits.

This morning I read 1 Thessalonians 5 where Paul exhorts believers to be on guard, not asleep like the others. He gives the imperative to, “Stay alert & be clearheaded.” Some versions use the word “sober.”

I usually connect the word “sober” to abstaining from alcohol, but the definition means to be free from illusion & uninfluenced by intoxicants.

What occurred to me is that we can become just as inebriated by the condition of this world as we can by wine.

Paul warns us to stand guard & stay alert because the cares of this world lie in wait to become deceitful snares of confusion & fear.

Any sort of undue pursuit of the world will always choke out the Word. Sweets & drinks lead to a physical stupor. Misplaced morality leads to an emotional & spiritual stupor. But self control & sobriety (in all its forms) will keep our minds clear & enable us to be on guard & ready.

Ready for what? The second coming of Jesus Christ! The day of rapture, when believers will be snatched up into heaven, & the following tribulation are coming. Some think it’s far closer than we think.

Are we ready?

Will we be prepared & free from the illusions of this world?

I want to be! Soberness requires abstinence. Is there anything that is vying for my time & attention more than time with my Father who can fix all things?

Father, we want to be free from illusion & uninfluenced by the cares of this world. Show us any distractions that are like cloudy snares & give us the gumption to give them up. We want to be ready so we may help others to be ready for the rapture & return of our Savior.

💡JEREMIAH 19:1-21:14


💡PSALM 82:1-8

💡PROVERBS 25:9-10


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