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Be Wary of an,”I’ve Got This!” Approach to Life

Without wise leadership, a nation falls, but there’s safety with many advisors.

👆🏽That’s what Proverbs 11:14 tells us.

I think there are many in our nation that feel like we’re tottering near downfall. A wise leader surrounds himself with many advisors, but even then they need be wise & willing to oppose you when you’re about to walk off a cliff.

Team collaboration is vital for the overall success of a goal, but if a leader can’t receive correction, momentum becomes sluggish & sometimes stops altogether.

It’s easy to let pride tempt us into thinking we don’t need help. I think age acts like an antidote to pride…with every year that passes, I learn how much I have yet to learn!😳

Walking through life with an, “I’ve got it!” attitude feels great, but honestly it’s just not realistic. None of us “have it” all together, nor will we ever apart from a Savior. We will most always hit a ceiling in success when we strive on our own accord.

One of the things I value most about leaders I admire is their humility. It’s winsome to see them actively listen to the Lord or to members of their team before making a decision.

This morning, as I read David’s Psalm written in a moment when death literally came knocking on his door, something striking surfaced. Even though his enemies prowl about he says, “But as for me, I will sing about YOUR power…o my Strength, to you I sing praises, for you are my refuge.”

He doesn’t sing of his OWN praises, but rather of The One Who is his very Strength! I love that he capitalized this new name of God! “O my Strength…”

Y’all if we’re gonna be real, we’ve got nothing apart from God. All success belongs to Him & most failures come from not following Him!

O my Strength, BE our Source of all strength! We want to lead well, which means we need to follow You even better! We’ve got nothing this side of heaven apart from You! Guard us from pride that doesn’t value advisors & tempts us to self sufficiency. You are our all sufficient Strength on Whose unfailing love we rely!

Surround us with wise people who mirror Your Presence & are bold enough to remind us that apart from You, all we’ve got is pride that leads to a downfall.

NUMBERS 24:1-25:18

LUKE 2:1-35

PSALM 59:1-17



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