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Be Wary of Artificial Embassies

The other night, Markel & I watched a movie about an American who was fleeing the enemy on foreign soil. Much of the movie was spent watching him make his way to the American embassy. Once he arrived, however, he quickly discovered that the ambassador had been paid off by the enemy & that this safe haven was no longer safe.

This morning, as I read David’s account of how God pulled the king “out of the pit of despair”, the movie came to mind.

He promises that blessed is the man who waits patiently for the Lord & makes the Lord alone his trust! Sometimes trusting our God in whom we cannot see can be hard, so we run to the tangible things of this earth for safety & rescue. Then, much like the man in the movie, we find ourselves in an artificial embassy of sorts, placing our confidence in something that will offer no long term protection.

Fortunately for David, he DID wait on the Lord & the Lord rescued David. In his gratitude, David proclaims a hymn of praise to God. He says, “many will see what God has done & be amazed!” Because he was not afraid to speak about it, he writes that many will put their trust in the Lord!

Y’all, what a great visual of becoming a living epistle, a talking testimony of Who God is & what He’s done! David was not afraid to speak out - he did not keep the good news of what God had done in his heart! In fact, the passage ends with this:

“I’ve told everyone in the great assembly of your unfailing love & faithfulness.”

Like David, we too can trust in the Lord when hard things come, waiting for His moment of rescue SO THAT we might become a living epistle & a walking embassy of the Kingdom of heaven right here on earth!

Father, keep us from turning to worthless idols & artificial embassies for rescue.You alone are The One Who Saves! Guard us from grumbling in the hard so that our very lives might become a living epistle & a walking embassy! Use it all, Lord! Wield the good, the bad & even the ugly, making us as Kingdom carriers to proclaim the goodness of God on the foreign soil of this earth! May many see what God’s done & be amazed! Let the testimony of our lives proclaim your unfailing love so that many might be saved! #oneyearbible

August 25 One Year Bible Readings

Job 16:1-19:29

1 Corinthians 16:1-24

Psalm 40:1-10

Proverbs 22:1

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