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Be Wary of Following Feelings into the Land of Fear

This morning is a rubber-meets-the-road-faith-moment for me…my dad was airlifted to a hospital yesterday with signs of a brain bleed. He lies in ICU & I’m sitting in a hotel lobby a little under halfway to see him & my family.

Ill be honest. My eyes are leaking. I wish I could say that my heart was steadfast this morning. Sheesh, you’d think a girl that’s been writing for over nine months about the steadfast faithfulness of God’s Word would be just as steadfast, but I feel a little shaky.

As I opened my One Year Bible to today’s reading, the passage in Proverbs felt like weapons whispered by the enemy to those shaky places inside…

It promises that the way of the Lord is a stronghold & that the godly will

never be disturbed. So why DO I feel disturbed? Why DO I feel held in a stronghold of fear instead of faith?🥲

I KNOW those things to be true! I’ve even EXPERIENCED the truth of them over & over again, & yet as I sit here sipping cold coffee my feelings seem to be trumping Truth.

A song just began playing about the inescapable pursuit of God’s love. The lyrics reminded me of His steadfastness…

No, you’re not leavin,

So I’m not leavin’

You love me when I’m up

You love me when I’m down

Your love surrounds me

I can’t get away…

There are hard moments in life, like today, when my flesh wants to leave what I KNOW to be true - no, WHO I know to be true…the enemy uses these hard moments to taunt us to hopelessness, tempting us to be held by fear instead of our Father Who sees all, knows all & is over all.

Oh, Lord Jesus, even though my feelings say one thing, Your Word declares another. Thank you for the reminder that feelings can be fleeting. Do not let me deceive myself into thinking that You are nothing less than the Great I AM Who owns cattle on a thousand hills!

Much like my earthly father who is halfway across the country, You feel a little far from me…& yet I choose to watch for signs of You. I will not be disturbed, but use the flailing feelings inside as a prompt to offer a sacrifice of praise to You, to thank You & to worship You. You are my stronghold!

No, You’re not leavin,

So I’m not leavin…

NUMBERS 8:1-9:23

MARK 13:14-37

PSALM 50:1-23

PROVERBS 10:29-30


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