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Be Wary of Mingling with Normalcy

I’m about to blow someone’s opinion about me & that’s ok. I don’t really want to write this, but alas, this is the story the Lord’s put on my heart this AM.

As I read how the Israelites mingled among the nations, adopting their evil customs, a sin-filled season popped up from my memory banks. It is a time that would’ve resulted in more Oden men in my brood than just the four.

Not only did the people of Israel worship their idols, they sacrificed their children to the idols of Canaan. They polluted the land with murder by shedding the innocent blood of children.

In His abhorrent anger, the Lord handed them over to be ruled by the pagan nations whose customs they followed.

During a season of not following Jesus, I became pregnant & Markel & I decided to have an abortion. While in the clinic, an ultrasound showed was before cell phones & Markel was not with me. I thought if I kept the babies that I’d lose this amazing guy, so I adopted the custom of culture & aborted my babies to the idols of temporary comfort & fake security.

We’ve prayed through this together & have since received healing, but it doesn’t remove the grief & regret.

We were part of the problem that is perpetuating our nation-polluting the land with the blood of innocents. (Life literally begins with an explosion of light when the sperm meets the egg. Google it! It’s a spectacular thing to see!)

It’s easy to mingle among culture & assume that what is common is normal. The Psalm passage says they sacrificed their children to the idols OF Canaan, but I think we can fill in the blank with our own “of ___.”

Abortion may not be your story, but is there any cultural custom or belief that has crept into your home simply because it’s “normal”?

“Normal” is an illusion that doesn’t necessarily equate to Truth. The creeping of “normal” culture is so sneaky-> movies, music, social media, mandates.

We’ve a responsibility to walk in wisdom, not normalcy. It requires a daily washing in the Word of God, & if we’re wise, we’d surround ourselves with wise people who do the same!

Father, guard us from mingling with normalcy & lead us with wisdom towards decisions that bear the brilliance of life!

💡EZEKIEL 18:1-19:14

💡HEBREWS 9:1-10

💡PSALM 106:32-48


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