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Be Wary of the False Way

Have you ever told a lie? I think all of us have at one point or another.

When I was about six I think I told my first lie to my mom. My friend Lisa was over playing with me in our basement. My mom came to the top of the stairs & said it was time for her to go home. I was sad because we were having such a blast in our Barbie doll land.

Lisa leaned over & whispered, “You could pretend that I went home, but I’ll just stay here & wait for you to finish your lunch. That way we can play afterward.”

It sounded like a good plan, but it quickly went awry. I am a terrible liar & my mom knew within minutes that I didn’t tell the truth when she asked where Lisa was.😳

Psalm 119:29 makes a funny plea to the Lord. The writer begs, “Keep me from lying to myself.”

It’s such a funny prayer to would I even know if I WAS lying to myself?🙃 I guess that’s what makes it a worthy prayer!

The root words here translate to, “remove the way of falsehood from me.”

The way of falsehood isn't just an outright lie, it can be a false idol, a false view, a false motive or it can even be a simple exaggeration. It can be easy to embellish some facts to make a story sound better!

The bottom line is that our heart is deceitful above ALL things! If there were ever propriety for prayer, it’d be this!

We are in the “information age” where many facts are not indeed facts, but opinions wielded as truth. If we cannot trust the information that’s coming AT us, how can we discern what is coming from INSIDE us unless we continually turn to the only Source of infallible Truth?

Father, We cry out like this Psalmist did & ask you to keep us from lying to ourselves. May we not practice it or be deceived by it.

We need You & Your Word to guard us from the way of falsehood. Give us the privilege of knowing Your instructions so we will not be waylaid with the enemy’s whispers of false views, false idols or even false motives. We need You, our Source of Truth, now more than any other time in history!

💡EZEKIEL 44:1-45:12

💡1 PETER 1:1-12

💡PSALM 119:17-32

💡PROVERBS 28:8-10


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