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Be Wary of the Temptation to Stop Short & Settle

I find it interesting that this year, 2022, has 3 twos in it. The number 2 represents union, division & verification of facts. It makes me wonder if there is any sort of significance? Like, what would these 3 things multiplied by 3 look like for the year ahead?

At first glance, it feels kinda opposite that both division & union are in the same definition, but not when you consider this:

Division must happen before union can be complete. In order to cleave, one must leave.

As I read about the journey of Terah, Abraham’s father, the definition of 2 came to mind.

Genesis 11 tells how Terah takes his family & “moves AWAY from Ur of the Chaldeans.” The land probably reminded him of the death of his 1st son,  Haran, but it was also rife with polytheism.

The very next sentence, however, tells us that they didn’t make their intended destination, but rather stopped short & settled in Haran. It makes one wonder if the grief was too great, so he stopped short & settled in a place he names Haran?

Sometimes when the Lord sets a journey before us, it requires leaving something behind so we might cleave to what’s ahead.  The danger in the journey, however, is the temptation to settle along the way.

As we stand at the brink of a new year, we all have individual journeys ahead.

Where is the Lord leading? Like Abram, He may not give the end destination, but He will give marching orders for today that might require a leaving of self, to cleave to what He intends.

Or maybe it’s a leaving of:

• a habit to create a new one

• a circumstance to embrace a new one

Whatever it may be, union with God’s Way 1st requires division.

If we stand with our Lord 360 days from now & look back on our year, will we bear witness together to the facts that we left whatever was holding us back to cling to Him & His Way?

Father, thank you for the reminder that cleaving requires leaving. Show us what we’re clinging to that may be holding us back from the good You intend.

Every time we see 2022, may we be reminded that Your Way requires division so that we might have union with You. May our lives verify the facts that we didn’t settle along the way for something less than what You intend!

💡GENESIS 11:1-13:4

💡MATTHEW 5:1-26

💡PSALM 5:1-12

💡PROVERBS 1:24-28

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