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Becoming a Fragrant Aroma

Every time I read about the life of Paul, I am encouraged to my core. If you changed the name from his to mine, I feel like his story is true of me. I THOUGHT I knew Jesus, but my life was a cesspool of a mess pool & reeked of selfishness, anger & sin. 🤢 It wasn’t until He allowed me to drop to the lowest of lows, unable to see a way out, that He finally gave me eyes to see my deepest need of Him💕

During Paul’s time, when the Romans returned from a victorious battle, they orchestrated a triumphal procession into the city. The proud general would be seated on his grand chariot pulled by white horses, followed by laureled soldiers & finally the conquered captives at the rear, made to witness the triumphal procession. As they passed by, clouds of smoke would rise as the fragrant aroma of incense filled the air.

I can only imagine the tear-filled curses hurled by the prisoners...they were taken from their home & now placed on display on foreign soil.


flips the script on this visual in 2 Corinthians 2 & THANKS God that He made us HIS captives & continues to lead us along in Christ’s triumphal procession.

Just like the aroma of incense that followed the victorious king, we ARE that incense as He now uses our very lives to spread the knowledge of Christ everywhere. I’m such a visual causes me to ask these questions:

👉🏽As I follow my Conquering King, do I allow myself to be held captive by Him or do I sometimes leave the procession as my gaze goes elsewhere?

👉🏽Do my words & actions rise like a fragrant aroma, indicating that my former life is conquered as I follow my captivating King, or does my flesh still cause an unpleasant oder around me?

Father, we are so thankful that you desire to become King of our hearts...hearts that once were barren of deepest faith & divine love have now become ignited by the very Light of Your Presence.

We want to burn for You! Thank You for making us Your captives & continuing to lead us in Christ’s procession.

Guard us from the stench of our flesh so that we might become a fragrant aroma of our captivating King!

August 28 One Year Bible Readings

Job 28:1-30:31

2 Corinthians 2:12-17

Psalm 42:1-11

Proverbs 22:7

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