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Becoming a PeaceMAKER among a Land of PeaceTAKERS

“I am tired of living among people who hate peace. We search for peace, but when I speak of peace, they want war.”

Do you ever feel that way?👆🏽Like your trying to be a peace-maker among a land of peace-takers?

I do - & have - a lot lately. I desire peace & search for it even, but due to the apparent lack of it, I guess I’m seeking it from the wrong source.

Those first 2 sentences are from Psalm 120. It begins with, 

“I took my troubles to the Lord; so I cried out to him & he answered my prayer. Rescue me, O Lord…”

When we’re surrounded by peace-takers, in our home, job or nation, we’ve a choice to make. We can:

1) React to their reaction & further ignite a troublesome situation

2) Clam up & say nothing, but brew like a crockpot of sour emotions on the inside

3) Pause long enough to ask the Holy Spirit how to respond with Truth sprinkled with grace & seasoned with love.

I’ve become a novice expert of 1 & 2 lately & it doesn’t feel awesome.

When we choose to take troubles to the Lord, He rescues us EVEN IF circumstances don’t change & here’s why:

He IS Peace Whose very Presence trumps all struggle & strife.

Here’s the thing, we are owed nothing from no one. The only thing we do deserve is eternal death for a debt of sins we can’t pay. When we turn to our Savior & remember what He’s done, we can’t help but allow His Peace to reign over unsettled emotions & a bruised heart.

It doesn’t mean we don’t address what’s been said or done, but we can do so with the Personhood of Peace Who goes before, hovers over, settles under & envelops the entire exchange! When we cry out to Peace, His Presence allows the fruit of peace to become evident in & through us!

We can search for peace by trying to persuade someone to revelation, but we’ll always come up short. When we allow the Source of Peace lordship, we can become a peaceMAKER, even when it feels like we live n a land of peace-takers.

Father, shift our gaze to our Source of Peace when it feels like peace is robbed right out from under us. May those moments be as a test where we can show what we know: Peace can’t be stolen because Jesus, You ARE Peace. May we remain in You SO THAT Your Peace may remain in us!


June 2nd One Year Bible Readings

2 SAMUEL 19:11-20:13

JOHN 21:1-25

PSALM 120:1-7

PROVERBS 16:16-17

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