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Becoming an Echo Chamber of God’s Heart

One of my sons recently used a term of which I was unfamiliar. I knew an “echo chamber” as a recording room that reverberates sounds, but I was unaware that the term is now used in a more abstract way.

Apparently it can construct anywhere information is exchanged-through the news station you choose, the people you follow on social media & even your friends.You may have a disagreement with a friend, but typically you share the same core values so you’ll eventually come into agreement.

I did a deep dive today & the bottomline is this: echo chambers don’t allow for free movement of alternative ideas or competing concepts & thus create a confirmation bias.

A confirmation bias is simply the tendency to search & recall information that supports your personal beliefs. 

Ok, now that the groundwork is laid, here’s the thing: I think an echo chamber is a brilliant thing when you’re echoing Truth!

Psalm 148 begins with praises from heaven. Angels, sun, moon & twinkling stars above are exhorted to praise target One who issued the command for them to even exist!

Smack dab in the center of the Psalm, he writes this: “His decree will never be revoked.”

God’s Word is THE Word! The Word is steadfast, unchanging, infallible & is the very foundation OF Truth!

Want to know what’s fascinating? The writer of this Psalm then goes on to create a visual of an echo chamber!

The praises that began in heaven resonate like an echo from earth below! 

He writes, “Praise the Lord from the earth, fire & hail, snow & clouds, wind & weather that obey him…” mountains, trees, animals, kings of the earth & all people, are exhorted to praise the name that towers over the earth!

Y’all, it is EASY to become an echo chamber of ideas, but FAR more difficult to become an echo chamber of God’s love, His grace, His kindness, His mercy, His forgiveness.

He is the very Source of Truth!

The question that surfaces for me today is this:

Do I echo Him more than my own opinion?😬

There is MUCH to be wary of these days & discernment is needed. If I were to die today, however, I’d want it to be said of me,

“Now that gal, she was an echo chamber of the Father in Whom she followed.”

How about you?

💡ZECHARIAH 14:1-21


💡PSALM 148:1-14

💡PROVERBS 31:8-9


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