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Becoming One

I find the human body beyond fascinating.

Did you know:

There are almost 8 billion people on the planet & nobody shares the same fingerprint.

We have over 37 TRILLION cells in our body & the amount of info encrypted into just ONE cell is equivalent to 4000 books!

The moment of conception begins with an explosion of tiny light when the sperm meets the egg! Think about Genesis 1-it all started with Light!

If there were ever a compelling case for a Creator, I think our bodies would be it! God created male & female in His image &, I believe, as a visual of what it looks like to become One with His Son!

This may be TMI, but it’s well worth the uncomfortableness🥴 God created the physical make-up of the male & female body like a mirror image of each other, so that we would fit together perfectly when we “become one”! Not only did He make this possible, He made it for our pleasure within the confines of marriage AND as a means to create life on earth!

Paul writes about this idea of oneness in Ephesians 4. He exhorts us to make every effort to remain united in the Spirit. Why? Because there is

One body

One Spirit

One hope

One Lord

One faith

One baptism

One God

& One Father Who is over all, in all & living through all! That’s a whole lotta oneness!

The Lord is our groom & we’re His bride. When we place our faith in Him & let the fullness of Who He is enter every nook & cranny of our lives, the Holy Spirit takes up residence within. When we join ourselves to Christ, we also become one with the body of believers. He makes the whole body fit together perfectly!

As we each do our part, the whole body becomes healthy, continuing to grow, overflowing with His love!

The more we draw near to our groom with intimate transparency, the more He can fill us with the powerful light of His love. We become a vessel carrying His love so that He may ignite eternal life in others!

I believe that this idea of becoming one, just like marriage, is an ongoing process. We get married at the altar but the pursuit of unity is ongoing. We get baptized to testify to oneness with our Lord, but the pursuit of unity with Him & the Body is ongoing.

Something to ponder today:

💡What’s getting in the way of becoming one?

September 25th One Year Bible Readings

💡ISAIAH 45:11-48:11


💡PSALM 68:19-35

💡PROVERBS 24:3-4


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