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Being a Prude isn’t Such a Bad Thing

When I was little, I was called 2 names on 2 separate occasions that I had to look up in the dictionary. I had no idea what “homely” meant & I definitely didn’t know how to react when my classmates called me a “prude!”

If I could go back & whisper to 4th grade Kimmy, I’d tell her, “Being a prude isn’t such a bad thing. In fact, receive it as a compliment!”

Proverbs 27:12 sings praises of the prudent because they foresee danger & take necessary precautions. The simpleton, however, goes blindly forward & suffers the consequences of his ill-informed decisions.

The root word for “prudent” here means to be shrewd, circumspect & practically wise.

Don’t you just love when you look up a word & it forces you to look up another? The word “circumspect“ means to be watchful on all sides.

⭕️ Circum =  the same root used in circumference, which is the distance around a circle

🔎 Spect =  to look

If there were ever a time to be called a prude it is now! It is imperative that we consistently do a 360 to see what’s happening around us & then take it to the feet of the Father so we make prudent decisions. 

Y’all, one of Jesus’s names is Shepherd & it’s for good reason! We are called His sheep & if you look at the nature of sheep, you clearly see why we need a Shepherd!


~have no sense of direction

~are defenseless

~need help when they fall down

~are not burden-bearing animals

~will follow other sheep when there is no shepherd

The most prudent thing we can do at this moment in history is draw near to our Shepherd. He loves to lead us, but won’t force us to follow.

There’s a LOT of fake “truth” & fake fact checking coming our way like lightening speed! It’s hard to stay abreast of all things, but all we need do is get out the way of the onslaught of garbage “news” & step into the wake of THEE Way, our Shepherd Who will always lead us safely to safety!

Thank You, Jesus, that you became our spotless, sacrificial lamb Whose blood covers our sins for eternity! You’re our Great Shepherd who never leads us astray. You’re our Direction, our Defender, our Salvation & the Rock on Whom we stand secure! Thank you for Your reminder today that being a prude isn’t such a bad thing 😉

EZEKIEL 21:1-22:31

HEBREWS 10:1-17

PSALM 108:1-13



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