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Belief Sets the Stage for a Symphony of Our Savior

Have you ever been to a symphony? I went to one when I was 10. It was an opera really, but as I sat there in my scratchy dress, waiting for it to begin, something strange happened. The lights dimmed & then all of these sounds began to rise from a seeming pit before me. I couldn’t see the musicians, but I could definitely hear the cacophony of chaos as they all began to tune their instruments. The discord was so great that I just wanted to leave.

I bet Abraham felt that same way when he first heard God promise that he would become a father of nations. I mean, he was close to 100 years old & verse 19 says that his wife’s womb was as good as dead!😳 There just had to be a feeling of discord between what God promised & what Abraham could see.

Life is like that can feel like we are in a dark, scratchy-dress-situation with sounds of discord surrounding us - that is until the conductor steps onto the stage!

He raises his arms & suddenly there is silence! Then the most remarkable thing happens! All of those instruments that clamored like chaos become the most beautiful symphony to your ears! The woodwinds, strings, percussion and brass, they all have a piece & part to the beautiful symphony that unfolds!

Sometimes we are in a pre-season of the symphony of our Savior...pieces & parts of our lives feel like a cacophony of chaos until just the right is there, in Gods perfect timing, that He reveals Himself & suddenly connects all of seemingly random things into an orchestra that plays the symphony of our Savior!

That’s what He did for Abraham. Even when there was no reason for hope, it says Abraham believed in the God who could bring the dead back to life; Who creates new things out of nothing!

👉🏽His faith didn’t weaken

👉🏽He never waivered in believing

👉🏽In fact, his faith grew stronger in the wait because he was “fully convinced” that God is able to do whatever He promises!

I’m not sure what sort of sounds are unfolding in your life right now, but I pray you’re reminded that we serve a God who never fails to fulfill His promise...all of the pieces & parts always set the stage for a spectacular symphony of our Savior!


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