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Beware of What (or whom) Draws Your Hallelujah

There is a song called, “Hallelujah”, whose lyrics have captured my attention recently. The 2nd verse tells of the time King David becomes distracted by success & falls for the beauty of Bathsheba.

It was during the time that kings went off to war, but David idly remains behind while his men fought without him.

Idle hands lead to idle hearts & idle hearts are ripe to fall for IDOL things

David was a man after God’s own heart. He worshiped God with reckless abandon, but in his success, he let his hallelujahs fall upon earthly things.

The 2nd verse of the song ends with, “And from your lips she drew a hallelujah…”

Not only does David admire her beauty from afar, he has an affair with her & she becomes pregnant. In a pickle, he calls her husband Uriah home from war with hopes that he’ll sleep with his wife Bathsheba, but he refuses out of duty. So David orchestrates Uriah’s death on the battlefield. 😳

Nathan the prophet calls David out, telling him that because David showed utter contempt for the Lord, that the baby will die & his household will turn against him.

Y’all, when we let our hallelujahs fall to hollow things, we open a wide door for enemy operation.

I did that for a brief season when we first moved to GA. We were living a financially fat wallet kinda life, but in all the fatness, I became spiritually skinny. I let my hallelujahs fall to hollow things & forsook FaceTime with my Father.

I will never forget gathering for a small group & my friend asking me to pray. She said, “Oh Kimberly prays with power,” then she turned to me & asked, “Will you open us in prayer?”

Y’all, it had been SO long since I’d spoken with my Lord that I didn’t know what to say or how to pray. He seemed distant, but the distance was of my own doing.

I uttered a few words in a whisper. It was hard & GOOD & here’s why: I went home that night & confessed, much like David, how my affection had fallen onto idle things which had become IDOL things.

I know what it’s like to let my hallelujahs fall to hollow things & I don’t ever want to experience that again!

Father, You alone are worthy of our praise. Make us hungry for your Word & may our hallelujahs find home only in You.

2 SAMUEL 12:1-31

JOHN 16:1-33

PSALM 119:65-80



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