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Change can be hard. I so relate to Peter feeling perplexed this morning as my heart aches with the quietness in my home.

We dropped Oliver at the airport yesterday and it felt like I lost an appendage as we made the long trek home.

I know this is part of the parenting process is good, but I felt puzzled and perplexed much like Peter. I also know that change means growth and that growth is good and of God, but why does it have to hurt so much?

My eyes leaked (a lot!) the rest of the day...I resisted the temptation of my go to comforts like sugary snacks or Netflix, and in the quiet of the moment, a phrase resurfaced in my heart. It was from a convo Oliver and I had a few weeks back about the clothing line he’s launching called “change” 🤗 We were talking about logos and when he saw the one in this graphic he said, “I love that! The big H and the big E say,

“He never changes,

but He changes everything.”

Peter was facing a moment in time when God would introduce tremendous change in the much so that Peter’s initial response was, “No, Lord!” It says he declared it! Oh, how I love Peter’s zeal!

I can have that same heartstance with the Lord when He’s about to bring about change...”No, Lord!”

What I also love about Peter is that He is quick to do an about face, and he did!

Even though he didn’t know exactly what changes were coming, He chose to follow The One who never changes!

As we walk through seasons of change, there is great comfort in remembering that we serve a God who never changes, a God who introduces change for growth and for our good! 🤗💯


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