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Choices Matter | They Serve to Separate & Always Carry Consequences

Have you heard of the giant drop of blood on the Hollywood sign hiking trail? It’s a huge sculpture that looks like a blood drop. The owner of the property claims it to be art, while others think it might be a head-nod to adrenochrome harvesting. I won’t go down that rabbit hole, but it feels like a visual of the state of our nation.

According to the wisest man who ever lived, (King Solomon), godliness makes a nation great, but sin is a disgrace to any people. Whenever I see a word with the prefix of “dis” I always rephrase the word with its meaning (not), so I re-read the verse as this:

When we choose sin, we choose not grace.

Wow. Talk about “Choices Matter!” The Hebrew root means goodness and kindness. When we choose sin, we choose not to live under the favor, kindness & goodness of God. 

The Israelites “mingled among the pagans & adopted their customs, which led to their downfall…”

What customs?

They sacrificed their sons & daughters demons;

they poured out innocent blood, the blood of their sons & daughters, whom they sacrificed to idols, & the land was polluted with blood. Psalm 106:35-38

Sound familiar?

We are nearing the 50 year mark of Roe v Wade. We have sacrificed over 60 million sons & daughters, shedding their innocent blood, most times for the idol of self. The comfort & rights of mom do not negate the value of life in her belly & yet we’ve polluted our land with their innocent blood.

Life is a key theme in the book of John. He mentions the word over 50 times! He writes how Jesus IS life, the Bread of life, the Water of life & He lay down HIS life that WE might have eternal life! His blood was shed so ours might be saved!

Every single choice we make carries consequences…they will bring life or death on some level. When we choose sin or a decision that brings death, we choose not grace.

Father, we need a fresh wind to blow through our nation. Pour out a spirit of repentance on the masses. Forgive us for polluting our land with innocent blood! Open our eyes to see the Truth of the matter - that choices DO matter, carrying the weight of life & death. Help us, Holy Spirit, choose life!

1 SAMUEL 8:1-9:27

JOHN 6:22-42

PSALM 106:32-48

PROVERBS 14:34-35


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