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Choose Your Hard

Have you ever told a lie only to be confronted & then are tempted to tell a greater one to cover up the 1st? That’s what the prophet Hananiah did & it resulted in his death😳

In 597 BC, the  Babylonians seized surrounding nations & began deporting Jews as exiles. The prophet Jeremiah placed a wooden yoke on his own neck symbolizing the impending captivity of all Jews.

Hananiah, however, told the distraught Jews what their itching ears wanted to hear. He falsely prophesied that within 2 years, the Lord would remove the Babylonian yoke & bring back the captives.

When Jeremiah confronted the lie, Hananiah took the yoke off of Jeremiah’s neck & broke it into pieces with grand flair, prophesying that the Lord would not only remove the yoke, but smash it into bits!

Soon after, the Lord speaks through Jeremiah proclaiming the wooden yoke will now become iron because Hananiah prophesied lies AND because the people believed them!😬

A mere 2 months later, Hananiah, the proud prophet, dies. Not only did his predictions NOT come true, the Jews were taken captive for the next 70 years!

Y’all, we live in a despairing time in history where Divine discernment is needed. We can believe what our itching ears want to hear, but if it’s not founded in facts, we may become like the Jews who were swept away with sweet lies into captivity!

It is imperative that we are connected with a Body of Believers where steadfast Truth is proclaimed!

The bottom line is that life this side of heaven will always involve a yoke of some sort, we’ve simply got to choose our “hard”.

We are all born with a wooden yoke of flesh, prone to sin & selfishness. If we “do good” to earn anything or anyone’s approval, it will become a yoke of iron.

Becoming yoked with Jesus by accepting His Lordship, replaces our earthly yoke with one that is light & easy!

Jesus is a humble & gentle teacher who will inform our approach in this chaos, one day at a time. When we yoke ourselves with Him, He promises rest for our weary souls. The hard may not lift, but when we become yoked with The Burden Bearer, things suddenly become light & easy!

🤔To whom will we listen & what sort of yoke will it produce?

October 16th One Year Bible Readings

💡JEREMIAH 28:1-29:32

💡1 TIMOTHY 1:1-20

💡PSALM 86:1-17



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