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Choose Your Hard

My friend has a phrase that rings true in all facets of life. It’s a simple 3-word sentence that carries a hefty punch:

“Choose your hard.”

She typically uses it when talking about educational options for our children. Becoming more engaged in our child’s education seems hard until we consider the harder consequences that come when we abdicate our position as parent to a school system that may not align with our family’s values.

Anything of lasting value usually requires some kinda hard:

Physical health 👉🏽meal planning, working out,

Emotional health👉🏽guarding thoughts & words

Spiritual health 👉🏽choosing time with The Word

Financial health 👉🏽 following a budget

Relational health 👉🏽 listening & love

We have the freedom to NOT do those hard things, but the end result produces a different kinda hard…sickness, disease, sadness, hopelessness, debt, broken relationships.

As I read through Paul’s command to not let sin gain control over us, I thought, ”Now THAT’S hard!”

And yet, if you read Romans 6, you discover something secret sauciness about the power of sin.

Most good things in life require hard work, everything, that is, EXCEPT the defeat of sin! Conquering sin has NOTHING to do with striving & EVERYTHING to do with following!

When we accept the free gift of salvation, our old sinful lives are crucified with Christ, we are raised to life & set FREE from the power of sin! That’s a promise! (Romans 6:7)

So when Paul says, “Don’t LET any part of your body become an instrument to serve sin”,  it’s not about white knuckling our way through obedience, but rather LETTING Jesus be Lord!

We’re a slave to whatever/whomever we choose to follow.

I don’t know about you, but when I follow me, more of me consumes me & it’s usually gross.

But when I let my Lord lead, His all consuming love envelops my life!

Jesus, we praise You that You conquered the biggest hard we’ll ever face=>sin!

Remind us that our ongoing freedom from sin is linked to Your Lordship in our lives!

Hard becomes easy as pie when we follow Your lead! Be Lord, Master & Ruler over our faith, finances, bodies, relationships, emotions, what we see, hear, think & speak=> be LORD over ALL!

2 CHRONICLES 1:1-3:17

ROMANS 6:1-23

PSALM 16:1-11

PROVERBS 19:20-21


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