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Choosing Peace Usually Isn’t Convenient or Comfortable

This past week we’ve been without AC so not only were we hungry for real food (because I didn’t want to heat up the house by using the oven), we were hot as blazes AND thirsty, making for a fine mix of “thangry”.

Apparently “thangry” is the new “hangry” & means to be SO thirsty that you’re overtaken by anger.

As we all sat in the hot & humid house on Sunday, salty comments began to fly & I knew it was time to get a hotel room until our new AC system arrived.

As I write in the cool air of the hotel lobby, I realize that not all thrangry circumstances will have such an easy solution. We’ve all had moments when anger rises from the recesses of an unmet need & sometimes the only choice is to NOT to let the spirit behind it control us.

David exhorts us in Psalm 4 to not let anger lead, but to think about things overnight & remain silent. Not only that, he pushes us to offer sacrifices in the RIGHT spirit & trust the Lord.

There’s a cool connection between trust & offering a sacrifice of thanksgiving. When we choose to wield our words for gracious praise to God, it’s almost like a confession of trust!

Letting the enemy use external circumstances to woo us into angry land, however, robs us of rest.

When we remain silent before our offender & confess our confidence in God under bit & bridle of the HOLY Spirit, we’re able to do like David did & lie down in peace, trusting God to handle the details.

Choosing peace is oftentimes not convenient nor comfortable, but neither are the consequences that come when we let anger have its way!

Holy Spirit, peace comes as a fruit of following Your lead. When we’re tempted towards anger, remind us that all needs are met by our Father Who owns cattle on a thousand hills!

The next time we’re tempted to be overtaken by anger, may it become opportunity to test Your Word & see that it’s oh-so-good! Help us offer a sacrifice of praise in the right spirit as we trust You to keep us safe & provide for our every need!

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