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Christ is King

I sense this morning that we may be in an Isaiah 6 moment in history. The passage begins with this solemn sentence:

In the year that King Uzziah died, I saw the Lord.

Although the King spent his latter leprous years in seclusion, his 52-reign was brilliantly prosperous & marked by many victories in war.

As Isaiah stood in this precipice moment, he may have wondered what was to come in the anxious days ahead as the helm of leadership rested in new hands.

I share those feelings this morning as I ponder the kingly mandates issued by our sitting leader-mandates aimed to “protect our health” rather than our right to decide.

I confess fear this morning, wondering how much longer we can trade liberty for “safety” because in the end, we just might lose both😳

Isaiah wisely took his concerns into the sanctuary of God & it was there that the Lord revealed Himself as The Eternal King.

The hosts of heaven were proclaiming praise to our King with such clamor that the very foundations of the Temple shook & the entire place filled with smoke!

In the midst of witnessing worship, Isaiah sees Him...the Invisible One asking who will go as His holy messenger. Isaiah beheld heaven in that vision, & despite the tares & toils of this earth, Isaiah begs, “Here I am! Send me!”

I believe the revelation that surfaced for Isaiah in the unseen place of God’s sanctuary holds true for us today:

1) The sorrow & loss of King Uzziah prepared the way for vision 

2)  It was in the midst of loss that Isaiah saw His Eternal King clearest

3) The loss made room for His presence to fill the Temple

It feels like there is great loss of freedoms in our nation right now as a result of our earthly “king”. Like Isaiah, in the midst of loss, we can enter the sanctuary of our Eternal King.

Sometimes, it is there in the midst of loss & sorrow, that we clearly see our King & thus finally make room for the saving Presence of Jesus.

As we face an unseen future, may we remember the holy & high reigning Presence of The Unseen One who directs the hearts of kings like water. Embolden our hearts in Your Presence, O God, so that just like Isaiah, we are ready to proclaim, “Here I am! Send me!

September 10th One Year Bible Readings

💡Isaiah 6:1-7:25

💡2 Corinthians 11:16-33

💡Psalm 54:1-7

💡Proverbs 23:1-3


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