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Come, (As You Are) Let Us Adore Him!

I love Christmas songs. I’d play them 24/7 from Thanksgiving to Christmas if my husband wouldn’t be so annoyed 😂 It’s not so much the lyrics that I like, but more so the memories that the melodies invoke🤗

Yesterday we sang a new rendition of, “Come Let Us Adore Him” at church. Every time we sang the word, “Come”, I pictured The Lamb of God Who sacrificed His sinLESS life to cover my sin-stained life beckoning me to come.

Tears began to leak from the corners of my eyes as I thought about the many times that I didn’t come because I thought I had to tidy up my life before I could come before The Most Holy One.

At one point, the song transitioned to speaking The Names of the One To Whom we come.

As each name fell from my lips, the little leak became a steady stream. I felt like one of the elders I read about in Revelation.

John gets a glimpse inside heaven as the door to the very throne of God stood wide open giving an all-access-pass to the Creator of all Things!

As he stood before the door, a voice suddenly beckoned him to, “Come...”

The scene was spectacular, but imagery faded & emotions rose as I pictured the 24 elders falling to their face before the Creator proclaiming,

“You are worthy oh Lord our God to receive glory & honor & power. For you created all things, & they exist because you created what you pleased.”

I don’t know what you’re facing this morning, but Father, Son & Holy Spirit invite you to come as you are.

Jesus became The Way so that you might receive an invitation to the most holy place to meet the most Holy Trinity!

His name is:

• Wonderful Counselor-He will lead you in The Way you should go

• Mighty God Who is more powerful than any hardship you face

• Prince of Peace Whose very Presence calms the storms

• Everlasting Father Who will never abandon you

• Emmanuel, the Holy One who is ever by your side

• Son of God & Savior to the world!

The One Who is worthy of it ALL beckons you, “Come, as you are!”

Father, You alone are worthy of our adoration & praise! Forgive us for the times we freely give it to anything/one else. Jesus, thank You for conquering sin & death! Thank you that You invite us to come! You are worthy of it all!

💡Obadiah 1:1-21

💡Revelation 4:1-11

💡Psalm 132:1-18

💡Proverbs 29:24-25


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