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Compliment | That Which Fills Up or Completes

Ever since I was little, I’ve felt like a quirky bird when it comes to complements...I usually stand in silence not knowing how to respond.

If you could read the ticker tape of thoughts in that moment, they’d be something like, “I’m grateful for the kind words but I didn’t do this for the attention or I just want God to be glorified so praise Him instead...”

I guess I’m not a words of affirmation girl 😉

In 4th grade, a classmate complemented my class picture & my immediate reply was something like, “No, I look terrible...” She was a Jesus-loving friend and she quickly corrected me saying, “Kimmie, simply say thank you! You are created IN the image of God BY God! Do not speak negatively about yourself!”

I heard the truth in what she was saying and yet I still felt hesitation...

When I look back, I think it’s because it had to do with external appearance. A second grade teacher (& mentor) once told me that she only offers complements to her students regarding heart matters 💕🤗 That stuck with me and causes me to pause when I want to offer flattery about external things.

Right after the people offer a great ovation& applaud King Herod for his amazing speech, “shouting” that his voice is the voice of God, not man”, he was instantly struck with sickness because he accepted the people’s worship instead of giving glory to God. 😳 Then he was consumed with worms and died! 😬

I don’t want to be like Herod! As I ponder the passage I pray that the Holy Spirit guards me from the temptation to be filled up by flattery!

I find it fascinating that the root for “complement” means, “that which fills up or completes.”

I believe that God created us with an empty hole in our hearts that only He can fill...Jesus is the only One who can complete us!

When our security, identity, belonging & purpose are found alone in Him, our lives begin to reflect His Presence!!!

...and that 👆🏽indeed is praiseworthy! (See Proverbs 31:30)

This has me pondering how I might speak encouragement to those around me - not flattery but truth that points to Jesus IN them!

Ps something I’m going dig into 👉🏽what is the difference between compliments and flattery?

How might my spoken complements fill others with the truth of who they are in Jesus?


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